Intermediation in transactions outside organised market

We provide comprehensive customer services for transactions dealing with securities, such as shares, bonds (dematerialised and in material form), as well as investment certificates. The intermediation of our brokerage firm, as a supervised institution, ensures trading safety and professionalism. Many clients have already used our services.

Range of services

  • Determining the structure of the transaction;
  • Providing draft transaction documentation and cooperation with its adjustment;
  • Clearing and settlement of the transaction as agreed by the parties;

Our brokerage firm offers access to the OTC market for the following debt securities:

  • Treasury bonds (high liquidity, high safety),
  • Non-treasury debt securities (corporate bonds, municipal bonds),
    Eurobonds – denominated in foreign currency (domestic, foreign).

Brokerage services on stock markets

We offer comprehensive services in terms of securities trading on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, including:

  • Placement of large blocks of shares,
  • Active matching of transactions with liquid and illiquid securities, searching for the other party to the transaction,
  • Attractive and competitive commission rates, negotiated in case of large blocks of shares,
  • Personalised investor care.

As a securities market maker we provide comprehensive services for companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (including WIG20 index), as well as on NewConnect and Catalyst. Currently we act as a market maker for 13 issuers on WSE, 18 issuers on NewConnect and we quote 11 series of bonds on Catalyst.


  • Ensuring proper liquidity of the company’s assets;
  • Regular posting of buy/sell offers for a given tender, including specific price brackets and the value of the offer, regulated under a contract with the company (we place a higher number of orders on the order board than it results from the contract);
  • Posting buy/sell orders before announcement of the opening/closing price/fixed price;
  • Maintaining a minimum volume of transactions during a trading session;
  • Maintaining appropriate spread (pre-determined minimum difference between buy and sell caps) for the orders;
  • Submitting a new order after execution of the already submitted order.

We provide comprehensive services for customers looking for alternative sources to finance their operations.

We seek the most effective solution, selected according to the needs and possibilities of the customer.

We assist our institutional and individual clients in carrying out complex projects and achieving stated objectives by:

  • Bond issue

    – we define the structure of the transaction, provide comprehensive support for analytical, documentation and legal issues, offer issue placements, optionally we introduce bonds to trading on the Catalyst Alternative Trading System organised by the Warsaw Stock Exchange; the process services are facilitated with our wealth of experience in project implementation, our unorthodox approach to the expectations of customers, extensive relationships with the market participants, and thus the knowledge of the needs and expectations of active investors.

  • Share issue

    – as in the case of bond issue, we deal with comprehensive services in terms of the transaction structure, analysis, documentation, legal and sales services; an additional advantage is that we hold the status of Authorised Adviser, which is essential in the process of publication of shares issued. We actively participate in the process of introducing shares to the NewConnect Alternative Trading System organised by the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

  • M&A transactions

    – the role of Copernicus Securities is to assess the feasibility of the transaction in its financial, strategic and operational aspect, its appropriate structuring, making valuations, economic and financial analysis, preparing tender documentation, obtaining bids, supporting the Management Board in negotiating the terms of the transaction, at the signing of investment agreements and in subsequent servicing of obligations.

In addition to acquiring funds, we offer comprehensive services in terms of tender process.

  • We prepare draft Procedures and the mode of carrying out the transaction in a public tender offer to subscribe for shares of the company (including required annexes) and mediate in the transaction.
  • We prepare the tender offer in accordance with the applicable Regulation.
  • We represent the client through National Depository of Securities (KDPW), Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE), Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF).
  • We send tender offers to the company’s shareholders and we undertake the organisation of meetings with institutional shareholders,
  • We handle tender offers through 4brokernet platform, we verify the documentation, we collect subscriptions, we contact the National Depository of Securities and Warsaw Stock Exchange in order to settle the transaction.

Organisational procedures related to the implementation of mergers and acquisitions and the related analytical processes are multi-stage and complex.

Cooperation with Copernicus Securities, as part of the Corporate Finance, ensures high quality consulting and comprehensive services through:

  • Effective coordination of the project, preparation of the required transaction documentation, selection and pairing party transactions, significant involvement in negotiations
  • Access to expertise adviser, market contacts and transaction-related analysis tools
  • Optimisation of the transaction structure, effective due diligence processes, preparation of valuations, expert negotiations of financial terms and other process parameters
  • Significant support in the transaction process for managers and owners of the client company, reducing the time required to carry out transactions in a comprehensive manner
  • Maximisation of the likelihood of success of the transaction, achieving the desired transaction effect compatible with the objectives of managers and owners, minimising the risk of not closing the transaction
  • Fair representation of the interests of the customer, increasing its credibility with other parties to the transaction

Authorised advisor

Since December 2008, we hold the status of Authorised Adviser on NewConnect. At the moment, we are a major consulting and investment company on the Polish market. The extensive expertise and experience of Copernicus Securities SA, as the Authorised Adviser results from hiring qualified, certified advisors.

The companies for which we provide services include:

  • Przedsiębiorstwo Przemysłu Betonów Prefabet – Białe Błota Spółka Akcyjna
  •  Spółka Akcyjna
  • Skoczowska Fabryka Kapeluszy Polkap Spółka Akcyjna

Range of services:

  • cooperation in meeting the disclosure obligations,
  • substantive support in the implementation of the law,
  • assistance in the preparation of financial reports, EIB/ESPI reports
  • supervision of the report schedule.
  • other.

Records management performed under Article 16 of the Act on Bonds

We provide a service called records managements, i.e. under Article 16(1) of the Act of 15 January 2015 on bonds, bond issuers may pass to Copernicus Securities SA printed documents, information and notices published on its corporate website thus fulfilling the obligation imposed by the legislature.

The service of managing records in printed form should be provided until the period of prescription for any claims related to bonds is over, which according to Article 14 of the Act on bonds is 10 years.

The process of delisting (the withdrawal of the company from trading on NewConnect):

We offer comprehensive services in terms of withdrawal of a listed company from trading on the NewConnect market, including:

  • coordination of the entire process,
  • tender offer process, any process of compulsory acquisition,
  • preparation of the Extraordinary General Meeting in accordance with the requirements of the Act on Public Offering and the Code of Commercial Companies,
  • client representation before the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF), Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW), National Depository for Securities (KDPW),
  • preparation and submission of applications to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF), Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW),
  • preparation and submission of documentation to the National Depository for Securities (KDPW),
  • assistance in reporting,
  • adaptation of the client’s statute and corporate documentation to the revised form of shares.

What makes us different?



As an independent financial institution we are more flexible than large banking groups in shaping the conditions for cooperation while maintaining the highest standards of work.


Strong experience

We have many years of consulting experience with projects for various sectors of the economy and a diverse range of activities. We are characterised by an innovative approach to the capital market.


Our experts

We are a team of experts with proven competence supporting projects professionally and comprehensively. We know the needs and expectations of active investors and we stay in constant contact with them.

Our clients


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